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  Low Pressure / Low Temperature 
  Overmolding for electronics

Our overmolding process is one of  the best ways to protect your electronics from the environmental conditions it may face through it's life expectancy. This process not only seals your product from the environment with moisture and chemical resistance it will provide a structure with excellent electrical and thermal properties while incorporating mounting capabilities with the look of a finished product ready for service in almost any environment.

Overmolding Services we provided

-  Overmold material selection & testing
-  Prototype design 
-  Prototype fabrication
-  Production overmolding
-  Production mold fabrication
    Overmolding process is performed with low cost mold sets.  We can incorporate seals in the mold for connectors, switches, led's, sensors or anything you will need access to after the molding is performed.   The electronic assembly is inserted into  the cavity and then the mold is closed with a clamping device.  Once closed it  can be injected with the molding material.   The material that enters the mold will be between 80-120 deg F and between 50 -150 psi depending on the size and shape of the assembly.  This process works well even with the most delicate components in low or high volume production and will ensure the performance of your electronic assemblies even when exposed to the most severe environmental extremes.



Materials used in our process are synthetic polymer compounds that are used in place of plastic and rubber due to the superior properties.   Polyurethane, epoxy, acrylic, silicone and RIM  (reaction injection molding) polyurethane have excellent dielectric properties and are available in hundreds of custom formulas which have been designed for use in a wide range of specific applications.  Some materials exhibit excellent thermal insulating properties while others are highly thermally conductive for thermal management.  We also provide materials for demanding high voltage applications along with other products that require superior chemical resistance. 

Benefits of Low Pressure / Low Temperature overmolding

-  low cost molds
-  wide range of materials
-  low / high volumes
-  hermetic like seal
-  low pressure/low temperature
-  good electrical insulating properties
-  safe for delicate components
-  UL, FDA, RoHS and mil spec materials


medical devices
strain relief
remote monitoring
amr utility meters
high voltage
pc board / pcb
chemical resistance
moisture resistant
vibration protection
outdoor electronics
automotive devices
strain relief
fixture purposes
wire harness
stop corrosion
provide structure
electronic components
thermal management
electrical insulating


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