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Epoxy Overmolding service for
Federal Information Processing Standards
Security Requirements for Cryptographic Modules
Fips 140-2

Fips molding services

-  Material selection
-  Prototype design
-  Prototype fabrication
-  Production overmolding
-  Production mold fabrication



-  FIPS approvable
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 Federal Information Processing Standard epoxy molding applications can be provided for all of your products at IT Plastics.   This standard is required for sale of products implementing cryptography to the federal government and the financial community increasingly specifies FIPS 140-2 as a procurement requirement and is beginning to embrace it.  We have a wide variety of proprietary epoxy formulas that have been approved by FIPS testing labs.  This application is also being used by many companies as a means of disguising and protecting proprietary circuitry.
Our engineers can work with your current electronic assemblies to design molds that will accommodate components, connectors and sensors that need to be free of molding material.  With these molds we can apply our proprietary FIPS approved molding material to your products.  This encapsulation material provides low shrinkage, low coefficients of expansion, resistance to thermal shock, and excellent electrical properties. 


ATM machines
credit card readers
proprietary electronics
FIPS approval
secure entry systems
cryptographic modules
Communication Security


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