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  Battery Packs

Batteries are a major part of most electronics these days.  At IT Plastics we overmold and seal most types of batteries for use in almost any environment.  Our process is used for projects such as remote monitoring and data collection where the electronics will be outside or in adverse conditions their entire life.  Using our molding process on battery packs will ensure that the battery will last at least it's expected life and probably much longer before corrosion sets in.  Utilizing the vast array of materials designed for this process we can overmold and encapsulate battery packs to accommodate almost any project.  




We assemble battery packs for OEM's, electronic designers and manufacturers. Cells can be supplied with leads, shrink wrap, solder tabs, quick connectors or any specific materials required.  Below are some of the standard battery & capacitor combinations we provide for AMR (utility metering).  Please call or email drawings to sales@itplastics.com for quotes on custom packs.


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